5 Avocado Toasts to Spice Snack Time Up

Everyone wants a tasty snack, but most millennials do not want to spend too long in the kitchen. Enter the star of the show, avocado toast. Basic girls and health gurus have been preaching the superiority of avocado toast for a few years now and everyone has finally hopped on board. Bloggers and food media members recognized the onslaught of avocado toast consumers and created an overwhelming archive of recipes. Their ingredients range from painfully basic to complex even for the most confident epicure’s pantry. This collection exhibits 5 Avocado Toast recipes using ingredients that millennials are likely to have ready in their food arsenal.

Classic Brunch Avocado Toast



Listen,  the classics are classics for a reason. You can’t go wrong with avocado and egg, fried, poached, or scrambled. The classic combo is fried egg, avocado, and a sprinkle of salt and pepper. But you can always mix it up by adding Sriracha, red pepper, or Indian spices like turmeric or garam masala.


Italian Avacado Toast


Who doesn’t crave Italian from time to time? For a healthier, but still filling, option than pizza or pasta try making the avocado toast version of a Caprese salad. For this quick and tasty recipe, you will need mozzarella, avocado, balsamic vinegar, and cherry tomatoes. If you are feeling fancy then add fresh basil leaves.


 The Everything Bagel Avacado Toast


Bagels are tasty, but their high carb content can cause a mid-afternoon crash. For this quick recipe, you will need avocado, cream cheese, your choice of toast, and a few items from your spice rack. Personally, I add lots of ground pepper, a bit of pink Himalayan salt, and garlic herb mix. I rarely have sesame seeds or poppy seeds on hand, but if you do I would sprinkle some on or mix them into your mashed avocado.


Lunchbox Avocado Toast


A childhood lunch avocado toastified. Start this recipe by cutting half a cucumber after placing your bread in the toaster. Then create slices using half an avocado. By the time your toast pops up you will be ready to smear on your choice of hummus, add your vegetable slices, sprinkle and enjoy.


B.T.A Toastbacon-avo-egg-toast-i-howsweeteats-com-5

Bacon, bacon, bacon. Everyone (who’s religion allows pork products) knows that bacon makes everything better and everyone knows that avocado does the same. So combine the unhealthy fat of bacon with the healthy fat of avocado then toss on tomato for good measure and enjoy a savory snack or breakfast in a jiffy.



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