Valentine’s Day in Louisville, KY.

The prep work has been done: you have a valentine, you have the gift, you even bought a card and wrote a cute little message. Now the real trouble begins! What should you do for Valentine’s Day?  Choosing the date location can be more stressful than choosing the gift (or even who you’d like to take). Whether it’s one of your first dates or your 7th year together, you want to make the day special. On a college budget, many feel that a date that truly WOWS will be hard to pull off, but don’t fret most people are just looking for a special day with their Valentine (hopefully fight free).


copper-and-kings-distillery-rendering-by-ron-jasinDo you and your valentine have the day free? Head over to Copper & King’s where you can take a distillery tour. This $12 tour explores their distillery, grounds, and the sky deck with a rooftop tasting. The last tour starts at 4 and reservations are suggested. Afterwards, grab a late lunch at one of the 20+ restraunts located within 1.5 miles of the distillery.


Does your valentine prefer art to brandy? If you’re celebrating with your lover on a day other than the actual holiday spend it at the Speed Art Museum. The museum is closed on Monday and Tuesday. Every Sunday is free thanks to a local family’s donation. There’s interactive activities in the basement and 3 floors of gallery space containing art spanning over 6,000 years.


Image credit: Anastasia Schipani (American) Matador Lady Killer, 2014 Tapestry cloth, thread

If your date loves art and drinking then you can go to Proof on Main/21 C. While the dinner prices are far above the average college student’s budget, most people can afford a drink or two at the bar before heading downstairs to the art museum full of contemporary work.


You don’t even have to leave home to make the night special! You can cook a special meal for your significant other. Bring out the real dinnerware, this is not a paper plate occasion. If the dinner burns or tastes awful, laugh it off. Order a pizza and cuddle up for a movie. Your valentine will appreciate that you put effort into making something just for them. If you really want to WOW them, embrace your inner DIY-star and decorate your eating area with candles, hearts, and fairy lights.








When it comes down to it, as long as you show you care your valentine will just be happy to have you. If you’re celebrating SAD (Single Awareness Day) instead then grab some champagne and show some love to your other single friends instead of moping at home alone. What do you like to do to show your loved ones you care?


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