3 Basic Tips for Social Media Marketing

digital.pngSocial Media continues to grow in importance when building brand loyalty, generating leads, and as a piece of your company’s digital identity. If you don’t have a social media manager handling your numerous accounts it can become overwhelming and incredibly disappointing if you don’t see a positive ROI for your efforts. Here are three tips to keep in mind while posting:

Imagery is Worth 1000 Likes

Visual marketing is the reigning king of the digital sales world. Your account’s content must be high quality, relevant to your brand, and visually intriguing to grab the audiences’ attention. Visual content remains 40x more likely to be shared, therefore increasing your reach and ROI. Cultivate a similar aesthetic throughout your brand’s imagery and vary the medium between video, gifs, and still images.


Interact with your Audience

giphyEngagement goes both ways. Obviously, I am not suggesting your respond to every mention, but from time to time reaching out with a thank you, a funny retort, or the answer to a question helps build trust among your audience. For individual customer service concerns request the individual to message your account directly or reach out to them through private messaging.

Give the People the Content They Want


Senior Director of Communications for Walmart, Chad Mitchell said, “It’s not about what you want to say, it’s about what your audience wants to consume.” It doesn’t matter how well your team cultivated the brand’s strategic message if the target audience doesn’t utilize that media vehicle or your content does not quickly peak their interest it will fall on deaf ears.


Still curious? Here are links to a few interesting articles about social media marketing trends:




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