3 Original Netflix Series Streaming in March

Out of things to watch on Netflix? Don’t fret March brings lots of new series and movies to our lives. After exhausting a majority of what Netflix provides me, I’ve turned to the Hulu realm but these original series releases will bring me back home ( for at least long enough to binge-watch).

Love – Season 2 

Season 2 appears on Netflix on March 10th. Judd Apatow, Leslie Afrin, and Paul Rust created an original series for Netflix exploring the male and female perspectives of modern dating. The comedy follows Mickey Dobbs (Gillian Jacobs) as she navigates her destructive relationship with love, sex, and drugs in Los Angelos. The nerdy love interest, Gus Cruickshank (Paul Rust) tutors Arya (Iris Apatow), Apatow’s youngest daughter, on the set of her “desperate housewives meets witches” television series. While the series thus far falls into the trite territory Apatow typically inhabits, I am not complaining. If it’s not baroque, don’t fix it. I’m impatiently waiting to see if the Season 2 soundtrack can possess my stereo waves like Season 1.

Grace and Frankie – Season 3

The actors, plot, and tone of Grace and Frankie’s first season were superb. The acting skill remained in Season 2, but the plot lacked the nuisance and shock factor of its predecessor.   Season 3 offers the audience a new plot line as Grace and Frankie try to start a company selling vibrators made for seniors.The third season will begin streaming March 23rd.

Thirteen Reasons Why – Season 1

While I remain undecided on whether this show will sustain my interest personally, the trailer was enough to grab my attention. In middle school, I read the young adult novel the series is based upon. As I consume media like a bear eating its first meal after a long hibernation, my memory of the plotline remains hazy. Selena Gomez adds her name to the long list of producers. On March 31st, we will see if Netflix created another winner or a another poor reproduction of a young adult novel.



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