3 Famous Snapchatters You Should Follow.

Did you know if you search “official” in the find my friends section of Snapchat it will show you every verified snapper with a current story? I did. Arguably, I follow too many celebrities and influencers on Snapchat, but that’s exactly what qualifies me to tell you who is the best.

These 3 Snapchatters destroy their competition when it comes to creating engaging, humorous,  and varied content out of their daily lives on Snapchat.


Chrissy Teigen; @chrissyteigen

Chrissy Teigan is by far the most well-known on this list. The model/tv show host/mother is a social media and tabloid powerhouse. While her infamous Twitter highlights her wit and snark, her Snapchat showcases her private personality as she shares her home life with John Legend, baby Luna, and her mother in a softer, but equally entertaining, way. Chrissy manages to find humor at every turn as she prepares for events, hangs out in killer pads, and cooks drool-worthy food.

current trend: Family vacations with hairstylist Jen Atkin and husband Mike Rosenthal. The two couples invent challenges, take cooking lessons, and sight-see while traveling abroad to places like Morocco and Italy with her daughter Luna.




Kelly Oxford; @kellyoxford

Kelly Oxford is funny, sarcastic, and real. If the kings of contemporary Hollywood comedy – Seth Rogen and James Franco – and Hulu executives find Kelly funny enough to produce a show she wrote how could your peasant self not at least chuckle at her content? Only Kelly could turn an ovarian cyst bursting into the most entertaining marijuana-infused cooking snap story. Plus, her 8-year-old daughter Bea is a mini-me in looks and comedic talent.

current trend: Billboards and store signs featuring sexual innuendos as Zayn Malik and T. Swift’s 50 Shades Darker single plays in the background.


giphySpencer Pratt; @prattspencer

The villain of The Hills is a Snapchat genius. The man essentially does nothing all day, but he creates 10-second long video gold. While your friends are posting boring pictures of their brunch, Spencer is busy awkwardly forcing restaurant staff into video content with him. You post a picture of the sunset over the ocean, Spencer posts a montage of clips walking into the sea at sunset with Sarah Mclachlan’s “Angel” blaring. Whether it’s collecting crystals, eating multiple breakfast burritos, or climbing the jujitsu ranks, Spencer Pratt takes everything to the next level.

current trend: The life and times of the baby hummingbird Spencer recently rescued from his backyard.



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