Art, Nostalgia, and the Unknown.

Yesterday, I felt the need to create something…but not just anything.  I needed to use my hands and the right side of my brain to direct a brush and pen to make colors (and the lack thereof) resemble something…anything. And it needed to happen immediately.


I had no real plan in mind, but as I exited the parking garage after work I found myself heading towards Artist & Craftsman Supply on Barret Avenue. As soon I walked in I knew what my subconscious had brought me there to purchase: watercolors.



As I settled in using my new paints with my cocker spaniel at my feet on Big Little Lies binge, I thought to myself: this is exactly the night I’ve needed. I felt recharged.


Then I thought to myself what drove me to need this so desperately and immediately? Why do some people need a creative outlet while others scoff at the idea?

Nostalgia. Perhaps that was the driving force yesterday.  Graduation looms on the horizon. I did spend countless hours in my high school art room with my social circle, past lovers, and an eccentric yet lovely teacher who cared deeply about my success as a human being – although we both knew I likely would never finically succeed as an artist.

Though I am in no ways blessed with profound natural ability nor the self-discipline required to build it, I still deeply enjoy the process of creating art.


I undoubtedly adore the consumption of every artistic medium. Films, food, fashion…these are the things that fill my free time, my thoughts, my Instagram feed. Aren’t they all art in someway?


Maybe I will always cling to art when I feel the unknown chasing me down the path of life. Maybe I will always turn to art period. Last night I realized that of my limited work experience half my positions have been related to art. I helped run art shows and leased studio spaces while at the Mellwood Art and Entertainment Center. Next I spent time working as a studio professional at a paint your own pottery shop.

1998_19_5I currently intern at the Speed Art Museum. Every morning as I venture to my department I pass intricate Renaissance tapestries, gigantic marble statues, two (BRIGHT) pop art takes on Classical Greek Architecture, and a room full of work only from Kentucky. Throughout my day I get to promote work from Picasso, Monet, Alice Neel and countless other brilliant artists. If true masterpieces don’t inspire you to create art then what ever could?





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