Derby Days

Louisvillian’s are counting down the days until Derby festivities begin! Well, they won’t have to wait much longer activities are starting this week. Tickets are for sale online and Pegasus Pins  can be purchased from a variety of locations. If you purchase a Pegasus Pin you will gain a memento, admission to almost 30 events, and you could […]

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Spring Has Sprung

  It’s official spring is here! In Louisville that means three things 1) Derby is near 2) Plants are blooming 3) Allergy season . So after you purchase a fresh bottle of Claritin, how should you ring in the season? Hike and bike, what’s not to like: While the sun is shining (but before the […]

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Stream These 3 Political Masterminds into Your Bedroom Tonight.

  What character motive do traditional fairytales, Shakespeare, and modern day political television series share? The never-ceasing quest for power providing fire to the veins of all the best villain’s journeys. The theme comes as no surprise as power and corruption clasp hands in civilized societies and art reflects life. Television character’s decisions effect fictional lives […]

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